Counseling Support Groups

Exhale! Virtual Support for Educators! 

Are you a teacher, school counselor, paraprofessional, or educational support personnel? If so, Exhale is the support group for you! Join us as we share and engage in a safe, supportive community for educators. We will discuss tips for stress and anxiety management, strategies for self-Care, mindfulness & emotional wellness, health & wellness tips and more!

Meets every last Tuesday of the Month!

This support group is free of charge and open to all adults who are employed within a school environment.

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Chronic Illness Support Group: 

Being ill is not fun…being chronically ill can be even less fun. Whether you are dealing with diabetes, lupus, asthma, cancer, or even long-haul COVID-19 recovery…day to day living with a chronic illness has its ups and downs and can impact one’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness. So let’s talk about it! Join me and other “Chronies” every month to decompress, share experiences, discuss coping skills, and provide helpful medical tips and recommendations!

This support group is free of charge and open to all adults 18 years of age and older.

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Counseling & Coding

Does your child have technology related interests? Are they glued to their devices and you want to turn it into something productive? Do you want your child to have a casual and fun environment to talk about feelings, friendships, and how to navigate through and enjoy life?

Well have them join us for our 4-Week VIRTUAL Summer Program “Counseling & Coding” beginning on Thursday, June 10th! We will be teaching some fun, interactive coding concepts with a splash of social emotional learning!

The total cost is only $65 AND your child can participate from home!

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